Peace and Happiness Is The Birth Right Of Each One Of Us. Kris and Martina

Our Work

Before we tell you about our work, a quick introduction about ourselves and a little of what is said about us, is probably in order.

Krishan Advaney is an engineer by qualifications and headed a pharmaceuticals company in France before he quit the industry and decided to follow his calling. For over 25 years, he has studied astrology, benefits of the foods we eat depending upon our birth chart, meditation and the energies of the earth with respect to interplanetary aspects. Martina Advaney is a designer and writes on a wide array of topics. They have both dedicated themselves to the betterment of humankind.

What do they say about us?

My life and health were in tatters. Krishan helped me change that completely. Today, I live life - Sabina Svobodova

I must admit the last few weeks have been probably the most  peaceful and prosperous weeks of my life. I realized I'm not a worthless person with nothing, quite contrary...........Tomas M.

A bit of interesting information.

Carl Jung said, and Albert Einstein corroborated, that anything that is born or created at a particular time has the energies of the Universe of that particular time.

The World Health Organization said very recently, Mental disorders – in particular depression – are now the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide and has risen 18 percent since 2005. They go on to say this will rise further with each passing year.

So are depression and ‘mental disorders’ responsible for many of the physical ailments?

Our thoughts.

We do not subscribe, to therapists bracketing humans into categories such as those suffering from bipolar disorder, adjustment disorder, depression and so on. In you go, talk for a fixed period and out you come with a prescription in hand for anti anxiety pills, anti depressants and psychotropic drugs, all having severe side effects.

According to us, natural means are available to all of us in abundance, and we work using these natural means and power to help you create an environment within yourselves and your home so that you and those close to you, prosper.

Our work includes :

Advice based on your astrological chart - Since each one of us is born with specific energies of the Universe, we are also born to eat certain foods and herbs that vibrate best with our body and mind and we must not eat foods that work against us. We meticulously calculate your astrological chart and recommend a detailed diet plan. In our experience, the specific diet combined with meditation, works within 7 weeks and shows remarkable to spectacular results.

(The fees is USD 160 or Euros 140 to be paid through bank transfer. More information is available through email.)

Advice based on your astrological chart with respect to your home - The human body is mainly comprised of minerals and water and generates electrical impulses. This allows the cells of the nerves, the bones and the brain to communicate within themselves and regenerate. Regeneration of the cells must be healthy through right thoughts and actions, for a sound body and mind. When there are imbalances in your home related to geopathic stresses which is the natural radiation that rises through the Earth, magnetic and electrical stresses, the consequence is imbalances in the body and mind, leading to loss of health and failure. These imbalances result in our cells going out of resonance with each other. The result : impractical thinking irritability, restless sleep, relationship issues, faster aging and health issues.

We specialize in finding practical and feasible solutions beginning with your astrological chart and home, in order to permanently get rid of ‘bad energies’ which first need to be neutralized so that the incoming geopathic earth patterns into the house clear up after the related zones, areas and grids have been opened to make way for good energies to flow and settle in.

(The fees is USD 200 or Euros 240 to be paid through bank transfer. More information is available through email.)

Spiritual counseling – Some of our clients choose counseling in person or over video conferencing. This is arranged on a case to case basis.

(More information is available through email.)

Audios - Each one of us has the capacity to live a better and a more fulfilling life. To this end we post an audio from time to time with the aim to reach out and help. Our maxim being, beautiful thoughts lead to a beautiful destiny. Better thoughts, better decisions, better action, better results.

Krishan Advaney speaks to you with perception, sensitivity and awareness. At the same time he does not mince his words.

(The audios are priced at a very nominal USD 4.30 to be paid throught the payment gateway using your debit or credit card.)




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Meditation Methods And Success

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Women Or Super Humans?

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Due to limited facilities, we invite three families or three couples or three individuals to come and stay with us each week, in comfortable and informal settings, surrounded by nature, eat natural foods, breathe fresh air, exchange thoughts and ideas or just go away for walks in the woods, to the river and the hills.

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