Peace and Happiness Is The Birth Right Of Each One Of Us. Kris and Martina

Our Work

Become a citizen of the Universe today. Create an environment in which, you, those close to you and your future generations will prosper.

We are a non profit, non political and a non religious organization.

While the project was originally conceived by Martina and Krishan Advaney, today, we are a community of forward thinking people from different walks of life.

We make our endeavors to contribute towards making this a better world through realization of the self and consciousness, leading to peace, contentment and success.

Each one of us has the capacity to live a better and a more fulfilling life. To this end we post an audio each week with the aim to reach out and help. Our maxim being, beautiful thoughts lead to a beautiful destiny. Better thoughts, better decisions, better action, better results.

Krishan Advaney speaks to you with perception, sensitivity and awareness. At the same time he does not mince his words.

It is recommended that you use ear or head phones while listening to the audios in order to block out distractions.

Sample of audio


Since we must cover our costs each of the audios is priced at a low cost of US$ 4.30. We suggest each audio be heard in sequence and no more than one a week.


Due to limited facilities, we invite three families or three couples or three individuals to come and stay with us each week, in comfortable and informal settings, surrounded by nature, eat natural foods, breathe fresh air, exchange thoughts and ideas over a glass of wine; a mug of beer or just go away for walks in the woods and the hills, watch television, listen to what you will.

Image of the Retreat Image of the Retreat Image of the Retreat

Since our course of thought and action is equitable you pay what you wish.

Segment 1

Free Yourself

Segment 2

Meditation Methods And Success

Segment 3

Women Or Super Humans?

Segment 4

Feeling Up!